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XKCD - 1996Barrett
Today's XKCD comic gives us a friendly reminder of why we should all love our favorite graphing calculator company. Or maybe not.

It should be noted that there are several inaccuracies in the comic. Points to anyone who finds them.

-Barrett A
18 Jul 2010, 21:56 GMT

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Re: XKCD - 1996Barrett
Well, one of the inaccuracies was fixed... but there are still a few that you could technically point out...

-Barrett A
19 Jul 2010, 10:49 GMT

Re: XKCD - 1996haveacalc
The specifications look wacky to me... In 1996, 10MHz would refer to the TI-92, but the latest calculator to have a 96x64 LCD back then was the TI-83+, which ran at only 6MHz before overclocking. The model that Randall described did not exist, though, to be fair, he did say "about".

-quoted directly from most movies that don't exist (and some that do).
20 Jul 2010, 13:28 GMT

Re: XKCD - 1996Calcuser89
Yay plus 1 to you! (I think those are all the inaccuracies).
26 Oct 2011, 23:11 GMT

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