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 What am I doing?
At first, there was nothing. Then, there was light, Excel 97, and myself.
2 comments12 February 2007, 14:41 GMT


Gender: Male
Born: 8-January-1990

About haveacalc:
      I started playing the piano when I was five. It is currently one of my foci in college. In middle school, I started messing around with calc graphics. The first one that I had at home was an 83+ given to me by a school friend who was convinced that it was broken. Not knowing what they were worth, I went to work with a hammer until I, like so many others, was convinced that graphing calculators really _were_ fun.
I started programming (BASIC) the summer before high school started and picked up ASM my junior year. I'm also good with VB.NET, Java, C++, and all that scripting stuff. Check out my author profile (Jack Haufmin) for the BASIC calc stuff that I've done. Other than that, see you around!
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