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--Acceptable Use Policy--

You may not submit any inappropriate content to this website. Inappropriate content includes:
-Anything illegal.
-Anything excessively graphic or violent.
-Anything pornographic or overly suggestive sexually.
-The establishment of hate groups or communities based on such an establishment or group.

You may not use this website as file storage. Such activities include:
-Linking to your images from other websites.
-Creating multiple accounts for additional storage.
-Changing file extensions to fool the image uploader.

You may not purposely disrupt the layout or design of any page. This includes:
-Making pages excessively wide or long.
-Successive posts without good reason.

You may link to any page on this website, but it may not be within any frames. It must be clear that this website is seperate from the website with the link. Hyperlink text must either be the plain text of the link, or include the text "," or must be clearly identified as a seperate website within the text immediately before or after the link.

Any use of this website that is contrary to the above, or anything that damages our service or anything that we deem unacceptable may result in the removal of your account and possibly a ban of your IP address.

You are responsible to read this page from time to time as the contents may change.

--Our Part--

We are providing this service in hopes that you, the users, will enjoy using it and will use it often. We will try our best to make this website as useful as possible. We will also do all that we can to protect the security and privacy of our users.
-Your password is kept secret.
--Not even we have access to it.
-We will not give or sell your e-mail address to anyone.

Our objectives:
-Provide a service that people will return to use.
-Keep personal information personal.
-Provide a place on the net where people can voice their opinions.
-Give our users what they want.
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