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 Mario Tactics 2 uploaded!
Just finished uploading my Mario Tactics levelset. I already uploaded it on ticalc a few years ago, but never figured out how to take animated screenshots. Well, now I finally do (with the help of WabbitEmu), so I've updated the one at ticalc with a newer version of the levelset and animated gifs, and decided to upload it here as well. Go check it out at the levels page!
0 comments24 November 2012, 14:56 GMT

It's been a while since I've visited CalcG, but it's great that this is still active. There hasn't been a main page update in while though...
0 comments26 October 2011, 23:14 GMT

 68k voting
Voted for Jet Blaster Mach II. It is pretty interesting, but of course, Metroid 68k is also pretty good too.
0 comments16 December 2009, 20:58 GMT

 Phoenix 4 uploaded!!!
All the Phoenix versions have been uploaded! Check them out! ;D

Also, I voted for Indestructo Tank for the POTY.

It is a one-of-a-kind tank game that, instead of shooting your enemies, you have to jump on them or their bullets/bombs to destroy them and stay in the air. Since it is a twist of the original tank games, I decided to vote for it.

TI-Boy was pretty nice too, however it still needs some work since it is an alpha version (might crash your calc, but doesn't even work on mine), and once it is bug-free (or almost), I will definitely vote for it.
0 comments15 December 2009, 21:25 GMT

Uploaded picture.
0 comments5 December 2009, 14:36 GMT

 Phoenix 4.0 by Patrick Davidson
Just uploaded all of Patrick Davidson's Phoenix v4.0 files after realizing that doesn't have them in its archives. Hope they accept them.
0 comments5 December 2009, 01:10 GMT


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When I have free time, I sometimes program for TI-84+ SE BASIC and Assembly, and TI-89 Ti BASIC and Assembly.
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