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General Discussion Board \ News \ Is that a chameleon calculator? No, just a TI-83+ running on TI-73 hardware.

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Is that a chameleon calculator? No, just a TI-83+ running on TI-73 hardware.allynfolksjr
Brandon Wilson released today a utility called Chameleon which allows a user to run a TI-83+ Operating System on a TI-73. This effectively turns the TI-73 into a 83+. They essentially have the same hardware, and using tools one can easily modify the 83+ OS to work on the 73.

The process is not particularly easy, but the instructions are straightforward and quite clear. Just a note that unless you also own a TI-83+, this probably isn't legal to do.
1 Dec 2008, 17:17 GMT

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Re: Is that a chameleon calculator? No, just a TI-83+ running on TI-73 hardware.haveacalc
Very cool, Brandon!

For people, this is a video of its awesomeness.

-quoted directly from most movies that don't exist (and some that do).
2 Dec 2008, 18:25 GMT

Re: Is that a chameleon calculator? No, just a TI-83+ running on TI-73 hardware.BrandonW
That's actually really old, but same idea, yes.
2 Dec 2008, 19:00 GMT

Re: Is that a chameleon calculator? No, just a TI-83+ running on TI-73 hardware.Barrett
Yay! News!

-Barrett A
3 Dec 2008, 11:00 GMT

Re: Is that a chameleon calculator? No, just a TI-83+ running on TI-73 hardware.BrandonW
I updated the version on this. It's now far more stable since I fixed some significant bugs, so if you have an old 73 you never use and you wish you had another 83+, this'll give it to you.
1 Mar 2009, 21:30 GMT

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