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General Discussion Board \ News \ TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.

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TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.allynfolksjr
BrandonW claims to have created a replacement for TI-Connect, and has provided a screenshot showing his TI-84+ connected to his computer. This is nothing new, until you realize that it shows up as a flash drive. Everything is handled on-calculator, with no PC component besides reading the emulated USB drive. The key is a program ran on your 84+ that does the emulation for you. What does this mean? You can send files by simply dragging and dropping without going through TI-Connect. In fact, this could spell the end of the reign of terror TI-Connect has brought upon us for so many years.

He plans to release a beta within 24 hours.
13 Jul 2008, 01:56 GMT

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Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.BrandonW
I don't think I promised, but pressure...24 hours...
13 Jul 2008, 03:51 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.allynfolksjr
Oh, you did.
[01:07:27] < BrandonW> TI Connect's days are numbered.
[01:07:49] < BrandonW> I'm hoping to get a beta released with read-only support within the next 24 hours.
[01:08:24] < BrandonW> In fact, I plan not to sleep until it's done.
Kind of.
13 Jul 2008, 10:11 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.BrandonW
Kind of, but not really.

I should point out that this is a general purpose USB peripheral driver, allowing your calculator to also show up as a standard USB keyboard as well, among other things if I finish them.
13 Jul 2008, 14:26 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.BrandonW
Looks like I have to put it off for a day or two...more to do than I expected. :(
14 Jul 2008, 00:35 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.Zachary940
It is about time. Sweet and thank you BrandonW

It is much easier to suggest solutions when you know nothing about the problem.
13 Jul 2008, 19:36 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.darksideprogramming
Wow... yet again Brandon never ceases to impress me. Good work, and I hope to test this out soon (yes, I do actually still own a 84+, contrary to popular belief).
24 Jul 2008, 06:18 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.superpiman314
Where do I find this program? I am trying to put phoenix on my ti-84 plus SE. Thanks
22 Oct 2008, 17:00 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.Vectris
It's not out yet. It's actually pretty easy to put programs on your calculator anyways, but this would be a lot cooler, and yes a bit easier. If you are having trouble getting phoenix post it in the other forums and we'll help you out.
22 Oct 2008, 19:19 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.IdealIdeas
The Screen Shot doesn't work.
it gave me the 404 error! and i wanted to see that too.
16 Dec 2008, 14:17 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.metagross111
Same here. Someone call Bob the Builder.
21 Dec 2008, 10:02 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.allynfolksjr
My fault. I put the image on my domain, and I deleted it by accident.
21 Dec 2008, 16:07 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.allynfolksjr
Screenshot is back up.
26 Dec 2008, 18:19 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.darksideprogramming
Have there been any updates to this yet BrandonW?
5 Jan 2009, 12:44 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.BrandonW
I've been way too busy to get back to it.
I'm kind of put off by it because it's going to be insanely hard to get write support in there, plus I have to rework the keyboard driver in periph8x, which pretty much means the core of periph8x. I'd love nothing more than to get a beta out there, but stuff happens.
7 Jan 2009, 10:26 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.M1dNightSniper
Just wondering its been a couple months since this has come up but is a beta available, i could really use this because i only have acces to computers with vista or windows 7 so ti connect is total fail on these O.S's.
29 Sep 2009, 18:21 GMT

Re: TI-84+ as a flash drive: install programs with drag and drop.zarg
This is from a long time ago, and I don't mean to bump this, but did you ever complete your program or release a beta?

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