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Calculator Productions

 New Website
I finally created a personal website, sadly will go down soon.

My Website
0 comments19 September 2008, 20:33 GMT

I have finally made a website and you can visit it at Feel free to e-mail with any questions or comments on it (or if you find any errors).
0 comments13 February 2008, 17:45 GMT


Gender: Male
Born: 1-January-1990

About Vectris:
     I'm 17 years old and I programmed for about 3 years starting freshman year of high school (I'm now going into my Senior year). Now I do mostly Visual Basic .NET stuff. When I'm not on the net, I also skate, play ultimate frisbee, pwn at halo and CoD, hang with my friends, and be bored.

My Programs
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