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General Discussion Board \ Pending News \ New Ti-Nspire OS

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New Ti-Nspire OSjohn777
The Ti-Nspire came out with a new operating system recently. Go here for information and download. Looks like it updates bugs as usual, has improved battery life, press-to-test functionality, long awated windows vista capabilities, and added prgram funtions with a prgram editor and libraries. I think the last two are the most interesting to people that arn't teachers. :) Download here.
6 Feb 2008, 16:33 GMT

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Re: New Ti-Nspire OShaveacalc
If it's still OS version 1.3, I think mentioned it about two weeks ago. It would just seem like we were copying them to make news of it this long afterwards...

-quoted directly from most movies that don't exist (and some that do).
6 Feb 2008, 16:53 GMT

Re: New Ti-Nspire OSAndy
Notice it's sitting in pending... :)

Edit: *bump*
25 Feb 2008, 07:25 GMT

Re: New Ti-Nspire OSjohn777
Yeah I think your right because it is 1.3. I just got the e-mail about it today from TI so I figured I would let you guys know.

The programing looks like regular Ti-basic with a few new functions and a few not there yet. The Program editor is kind of neat it has a split screen and the menu key brings up all of the operations kind of like hiting the pgrm button on the 83's and 84's.
6 Feb 2008, 17:06 GMT

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