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[Edited by Barrett on 03-Dec-02 23:47]

-Barrett A
1 May 2002, 17:22 GMT

Click here to log in (you must be logged in to post comments). opened!chickendude
I love this site!
8 Aug 2002, 16:50 GMT opened!Barrett
of course you do

-Barrett A
3 Dec 2002, 15:46 GMT opened!Barrett

[Edited by Barrett on 06-Jun-04 21:19]

-Barrett A
6 Jun 2004, 12:10 GMT opened!allynfolksjr
Ummm, B? Why are you starting really old topics again?
6 Jun 2004, 12:50 GMT opened!Barrett
i couldn't help it... and i was testing the | solution! (now |'s work).

-Barrett A
6 Jun 2004, 12:50 GMT opened!BullFrog
Mmm, pie...

"Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds." -Franklin D. Roosevelt
6 Jun 2004, 14:29 GMT opened!zkostik
lol, good questions. B is just really happy with CG and all of his recent updates :)

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
6 Jun 2004, 20:52 GMT opened!Digital
all righty then
6 Jun 2004, 21:01 GMT opened!JcCorp
this topic is kinda old...
6 Jul 2004, 05:21 GMT opened!JcCorp
This proves it, this site is appr. over 2 years old.
3 Oct 2004, 05:48 GMT opened!darksideprogramming
18 Oct 2004, 15:30 GMT opened!Andy
>> This proves it, this site is appr. over 2 years old.

Make that 3. :img12:

blasted emoticons

[Edited by Andy on 20-Mar-05 04:40]
19 Mar 2005, 19:39 GMT opened!Lunchbox
You forgot to leave the spaces huh Andy? :) .
19 Mar 2005, 21:13 GMT opened!Andy
No, it's just that it doesn't convert text emotes to images... I really don't like that. >:(
19 Mar 2005, 21:40 GMT opened!darksideprogramming crap.

I can't believe this topic is still "active."
19 Mar 2005, 21:48 GMT opened!Andy
I only replied in it since I was browsing the old news and decided to read the first one. :)
20 Mar 2005, 00:00 GMT opened!Lunchbox
Hmmmm...April fools' day is coming up :img13: :) .

[Edited by Lunchbox on 20-Mar-05 17:13]
20 Mar 2005, 08:12 GMT opened!JcCorp
Hmm, I don't think this has to do with april fools' day... just a random act of craziness.
20 Mar 2005, 13:20 GMT opened!Kevin
Question, if the site opened 3 years ago, why is there some topics dating back in november 2001 on this forum? Has this forum opened before calcgames?

--- - The most active TI calculator programming team around and a massive RPG selection
20 Mar 2005, 13:28 GMT opened!Lunchbox
I was suggesting *hint* that CG should do something for April Fools' Day, like last year :) .

[Edited by Lunchbox on 20-Mar-05 23:11]
20 Mar 2005, 14:10 GMT opened!Andy
Why on earth would we do that? It wouldn't be original.

Of course we're doing something for April Fool's Day!

[Edited by Andy on 20-Mar-05 23:13]
20 Mar 2005, 14:13 GMT opened!darksideprogramming
No, not at all. Besides, ticalc has a yearly afj, so, people would kinda suspect it.
20 Mar 2005, 14:14 GMT opened!Lunchbox
Well, something, not necessarily that, but something. Like maybe about a pre-release of H2G2.
20 Mar 2005, 14:23 GMT opened!zkostik
You can see older topics because the forum moved from Barrett's old website when my and his sites merged together to create CG (although it was far from how you experience it today). I think that's why there are some topics dated older than CG opening.

As with emoticons Andy, it only converts two text icons. I'm not good with all the variations of text emoticons so I left that one out for later. If you feel like making a list of various text emoticons and what image they should go with I can add them into the script (or you can do that yourself, let me know if you want to learn where icon script resides).

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
20 Mar 2005, 19:11 GMT opened!Andy
It's been a while since I've done much Perl, but frankly I wouldn't be content to just sit around and not have any fun. :img13: So yes, I can do that. Just need the format to put the stuff in (if it's a list) or examples of what the code should look like (if it's just in code).
20 Mar 2005, 20:27 GMT opened!zkostik
I can do the code, its no problem.
A list like so will be fine:

:o - :img16:
:p - :yum:
:X - :dead:

That way I can figure out which picture and text belong together. Feel free to create more than one version for the same icon, so that we have a decent coverage of generic smileys. I also should fix some bugs in the smiley code so that its a bit smarter.

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
20 Mar 2005, 22:46 GMT opened!Andy
OK, I might work on that in Data Structures and Algorithms I later -- I mean, when I have nothing better to do. :img08: :img09: :nod_a: :lookaround_a:
20 Mar 2005, 23:36 GMT opened!Andy
>:( >:-( >:[ >:-[ :img01:
:} :-} :img02:
>:) >:-) >:] >:-] :img05:
:') :'-) :img06:
xP x-P :img07:
<_< >_> <.< >.> :img08:
;p ;-p :img10:
:o :-o :img11:
:O :-O :img16:
:p :-p :img12:
;) ;-) ;] ;-] :img13:
:| :-| :img14:
:-s :s :img15:
>:o >:-o :img17:
$.$ :img18:
:] :-] :img19:
:( :-( :[ :-[ :img21:
:! :-! :img22:
:-\ :-/ :img23:
:< :-< :img24:
:'< :'-< :img25:
:x :-x :img26:
:? :-? :questioned_a:
O.O :eek:

hmmm that should do it :worship_a:

[Edited by Andy on 21-Mar-05 19:36]
21 Mar 2005, 10:27 GMT

Re: opened!Barrett
smilies don't work.

-Barrett A
1 Mar 2007, 17:25 GMT opened!CoffmanRunner
Guess what?!!?
only 61 days, 14 hours, 22 minutes, and 15 seconds left until is 4 years old!
you can see an constant countdown
Click Here for Countdown!

[Edited by CoffmanRunner on 03-Jan-06 15:38]

Never gonna let you down...
3 Jan 2006, 06:37 GMT opened!Lunchbox
Extreme randomness!!!
3 Jan 2006, 17:29 GMT opened!CoffmanRunner
no realy
out of the 30 posts (counting the origanal post and my post, not counting this one)....

8 of them have to do with the age of this forum or a reply to a post on the age of this forum! :)

sorry if this is annoying, L

Never gonna let you down...
3 Jan 2006, 17:34 GMT opened!Lunchbox
No, it's actually quite amusing! That may be because i'm in a good mood right now, but hey, it's still quite funny.
4 Jan 2006, 11:37 GMT opened!JcCorp
Oh... my... that site is rather... hurtfull... to my eyes.
4 Jan 2006, 12:38 GMT opened!CoffmanRunner
my apologise Jc
Rather hurt your eyes then bore you to death :)

Never gonna let you down...
4 Jan 2006, 12:58 GMT opened!Hydralisk5201
this is the first ever news...
and yet this is the one thats on the top...
that just shows how much we care about history...

Flintlock Durden says "The things you eat end up eating you"
1 May 2006, 21:03 GMT opened!JcCorp
My, that's a big bump. :P Why is this topic continuously bumped? I don't get it...
2 May 2006, 12:36 GMT opened!Lunchbox
I don't know, people get bored, I guess.
2 May 2006, 17:23 GMT opened!Hydralisk5201
no its been on top for like ever
idk y

Flintlock Durden says "The things you eat end up eating you"
2 May 2006, 17:35 GMT opened!allynfolksjr
Well, we switched news discussion to a threaded system a while back, so this board isn't updated anymore.
2 May 2006, 18:47 GMT opened!Hydralisk5201
o well...
but this is absolutely the best news ever though!!!

Flintlock Durden says "The things you eat end up eating you"
10 May 2006, 18:06 GMT opened!Lunchbox
10 May 2006, 21:31 GMT opened!darksideprogramming
11 May 2006, 05:47 GMT opened!lord_bakotl
Did somebody mention pie a while back?
"We were led to believe there would be punch and pie"
11 May 2006, 06:25 GMT opened!Lunchbox
No. This topic is closed.
11 May 2006, 18:51 GMT

Re: opened!Barrett
No you're closed!

-Barrett A
27 Feb 2009, 19:14 GMT

Re: opened!Zachary940
What ever you say B. What ever you say.

It is much easier to suggest solutions when you know nothing about the problem.
1 Mar 2009, 16:23 GMT

Re: opened!Barrett
10 years soon.


-Barrett A
31 Jan 2012, 23:52 GMT

Re: opened!Barrett

-Barrett A
6 Apr 2022, 22:18 GMT

Re: opened!Barrett

-Barrett A
24 Feb 2017, 15:56 GMT

Re: opened!Zachary940
Bump the bump?

It is much easier to suggest solutions when you know nothing about the problem.
24 Apr 2017, 17:59 GMT

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