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zkostik's Page

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Gender: Male
Born: 4-February-1984

About zkostik:
     NOTE: I've been getting tons of spam in my CG mailbox so if you need to reach me and have a legitimate reason (as in non-spam) please try shooting an email to zkostik-at-gmail-dot -com.

I'm one of CG admins and creators of this website. I'm also a creator of quite a few games found here. I and Barrett have founded and currently adminster and maintain it. Thanks to (in no particular order) Digital, Morgan, Redux, Allynfolksjr and others for their awesome help!

I split my time working on CG with my tech job, college and other things. I'm pursuing a degree in Computer and Information Science (duh!).

Favorite saying: 'Software is like sex, it's better when it's free.'
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