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Hick Test

File Information
Name: Hick Test
Filesize: 9.8 kB
Downloads: 4310
Date added: Apr 4, 2003
Platform: TI-83+/SE
Language: Basic
File Type: Game
Category: Text
Last modified: Aug 24, 2003
TI-83+/SE BASIC Games
TI-84+/SE BASIC Games

Shell: None
Rating: 7.7 (Good)/10 based on 14 votes.
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File Website:
Author(s): Nikky Southerland

File Description:  This is a BASIC program that, in my opinion, and in everyones elses opinion who played this game, if you call it that, too funny. It asks you questions and it decided if your a hick, but with alot of choices, it launches you to another menu. Some examples of thing you can do: fire nukes, scavenage for clothes, or throw spitwads at teachers. There are no graphics, because i'm too lazy. Try it. It's 9000 bytes though, but worth it. Try it!

And heres a advertising song: (I wrote it me-self)
"I'm a hick and thats okay, i sleep all night i shoot all day..."
"He's a hick and hes okay he shoots all night he sleeps all day....erm... Something like that...."
"I put on dirty overalls and hang around in pulp mills...
i smell like a dead fish...
thats been rotting for a couple of weeks......"
"If your still reading this.... then your a really stupid the hicktest.... and get more of the same....."

ss     ss



Of 0 people, 0 found this review helpful.
Review by: Clive Reviewed on: October 19, 2004 at 23:42:16 PM
Graphics/Interface: 7/10
Playability/Usability: 9/10 Oddly funny.
Replay Value/Reuse Value: 8/10
Controls/Interface: 5/10 Couldn't be better for BASIC.
Overall Value: 8/10 In reality, 8.25
O.K. overall. Not bad, not perfect.
The "opening music" sounds like somthing out of Monty Python.

Of 0 people, 0 found this review helpful.
Review by: calculatorfreakCG Reviewed on: November 13, 2003 at 04:03:31 AM
Graphics/Interface: 8/10 It'sd a menu game-but grpahics might ruin it.
Playability/Usability: 7/10 Tons of random pharses. . .
Replay Value/Reuse Value: 8/10 There are alot of choices so it's hard to get bored-lat least 60.
Controls/Interface: 8/10 Easy to understand
Overall Value: 8/10 Fun, one of the best text menu games ever!
It's the best text menu game-with over 60 funny phrases and events, you won't get bored.


Of 0 people, 0 found this review helpful.
Review by: germanycapship Reviewed on: August 22, 2003 at 03:48:09 PM
Graphics/Interface: 8/10 No graphics...but it doesn't matter: The basic interface prevents errors
Playability/Usability: 9/10 Everyone I show this too thinks it's the best: I sent it to 1 person in math and in 2 days everyone had it, even school calcs
Replay Value/Reuse Value: 8/10 After you use all of the choices it pretty much is done..but theres alot of choices
Controls/Interface: 8/10 Simple
Overall Value: 9/10 Very Humorous!
Most people think "BASIC is stupid, the games are all wack." Hick test proves to be a (rare) exception to this rule. Instead of being a RPG or something, it's funny! I almost died playing it, so did everyone who played it so far. I havn't played all of the expansions yet, but those are just as good. It's worth it!

Very funny!
Of 0 people, 0 found this review helpful.
Review by: zkostik Reviewed on: April 07, 2003 at 20:34:33 PM
Graphics/Interface: 8/10 No graphics...not a problem tho
Playability/Usability: 8/10 Good, I'd like more random phrases
Replay Value/Reuse Value: 8/10 A lot of choices is nice
Controls/Interface: 8/10 Basic menus, but very fast
Overall Value: 8/10 Nice, a solid 8!
Well, this this is very funny. Especially after watching several episodes from Jackass. This program is very nice to laugh your butts off with friends. I'd however like to see more phrase variation and some randomness. Good proggy overal
For those who haven't tried it, do try it. I'ts well worth that split second download time and another 5 sec upload time to your calc. I'm pretty sure you'll show it to your firends and laugh at their Hick Test results.

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