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Hydraliskisback's Page

 Guess who?!
Hydralisk5201 thats who.
when my account fried i gave up.
also considering my lack of ability to make a good game on the 83
but now ive come back for a vengance, and alot of you will pee your pants to see what ive cooked up in BASIC
1 comment1 October 2007, 18:41 GMT


Gender: Male
Born: 29-May-1991
Contact: Hydralisk5201

About Hydraliskisback:
     Banished to the wasteland of Yuma, Arizona, we find Hydralisk not the man he once was. His exile to the most heinus of communities and barren of lands, he has learned more in his last year than he had his entire tenure in San Diego, California. As ridiculous and dead-end as programming on a calculator sounds, it is what he knows and what he will use to practice to hone his abilities for when he goes into computer science.
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