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Beginner's TI-83+/SE and TI-84+/SE Tutorial
How to on:
  • Connecting to computer
  • Loading software
  • Running software
  • Managing memory
If you are new to calculators and are trying to figure out how to get games and/or programs on your calculator, this is the tutorial for you.
page created by Barrett 17 Jan 2005
modified by Zachary940 20 May 2008

The TI-83+ and OS Woes
So, you were installing a new OS and, for some reason or another, it stopped. Well, this simple to-do list maybe help you getting your calculator back in operation.
page created by SoberTillNoon 12 Feb 2005
modified by ryantmer 27 Jun 2007

Getting started with IRC and the #ti channel
This tutorial explains how to get an IRC program running and how to join the #ti channel on where you can get live help in a chatroom environment.
page created by Barrett 17 Jan 2005
modified by Barrett 26 Jan 2010

What to do when your calculator freezes up.
A step by step, in depth guide of what to do if your calculator happens to freeze up or not turn on. These instructions DO NOT APPLY to the TI-89,92,92+ or v200 calculators.
page created by korkow 3 May 2005
modified by ryantmer 27 Jun 2007

A Guide to Z80 Assembly for 83+/84+/SE Calculators -- Go to page: [1] [2] [3] [4]
A very detailed Assembly guide that should leave no one confused. It's accessible to everyone, even those without programming skills or link cables!

Although it's still being constructed, pages deemed done can be trusted.
September 11, 2007: Page 1 completed
September 13, 2007: Page 2 completed
September 17, 2007: Page 2 lengthened September 19, 2007: Page 3 made
page created by haveacalc 11 Sep 2007
modified by Zachary940 14 Sep 2008

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