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General Discussion Board \ Calculator Discussion \ Can't install mirageos on TI 84 plus c silver edition

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Posted: 8 Sep 2014
20:11 GMT
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Calculator: TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition
Trying to download: MirageOS App
Computer: MacBook Air

I am trying to install the shell mirages, using the TI Connect Software, but every time i try to download it to my calculator, it will say "garbage collecting", and then "receiving MirageOS App", and then "validating MirageOS App", and then it will stop and an error will appear that says

"The signature for this object is not valid. Please obtain a new copy of this".

I've tried restarting my computer, unplugging the cable, and reinstalling TI Connect, but I cannot fix this problem, and I don't know that this problem means. Please help me, and thank you very much!
Posted: 17 Sep 2014
08:20 GMT
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Mirage OS doesn't work on the color edition of calculators, the only shell available is Doors CSE, which is located here:

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