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General Discussion Board \ Calculator Discussion \ ION won't install TI-84

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Posted: 26 Aug 2013
14:36 GMT
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I put the ION program in my TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Calculator. When I try to run the Install, I get a ERROR: INVALID message. Below that it says "Attempted to use a variable or function where it is not valid" I know I put the ION program in the ROM, so that isn't the problem.
Posted: 14 Sep 2013
17:22 GMT
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Most current ASM programs for the Color Edition 84+ will not work, as how code is executed and all sorts of things have been changed. KermM of Cemetech is working on a port of Doors CS for the CSE, be on the look out for it!

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Posted: 18 Sep 2013
15:09 GMT
Total Posts: 3
Where can I find out more about this?

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