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General Discussion Board \ News \ Bluetooth Communication on the TI-84+

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Bluetooth Communication on the TI-84+allynfolksjr
Brandon Wilson has recently been working on bluetooth implementation on the TI-84+/SE series, and today released a video showing two calculators seeing each other via bluetooth. The adaptor driver is called Blue8x.
11 Apr 2009, 19:22 GMT

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Re: Bluetooth Communication on the TI-84+Barrett
It just isn't a magic trick if you can't see the lack of wires on both sides.

-Barrett A
11 Apr 2009, 19:35 GMT

Re: Bluetooth Communication on the TI-84+BrandonW

One might also say the other calculator was hard-coded to say "Hello world!"
But I wouldn't do that.
11 Apr 2009, 19:36 GMT

Re: Bluetooth Communication on the TI-84+Zachary940
So when can I use my calc as a remote control?

It is much easier to suggest solutions when you know nothing about the problem.
11 Apr 2009, 19:42 GMT

Re: Bluetooth Communication on the TI-84+BrandonW
Never, because USB IrDA adapters don't allow that.

I'm working on designing the API and the lower levels of the stack right now so that it becomes possible to easily write profiles to connect to PCs and other devices, to where you could remote control your PC, I guess.
11 Apr 2009, 19:47 GMT

Re: Bluetooth Communication on the TI-84+ryantmer
Seriously, is there anything BrandonW can't do?
12 Apr 2009, 12:36 GMT

Re: Bluetooth Communication on the TI-84+BrandonW
Not yet!
14 Apr 2009, 09:28 GMT

Re: Bluetooth Communication on the TI-84+darksideprogramming
What. the. hell.

Hax of the highest degree.
17 Apr 2009, 21:02 GMT

Re: Bluetooth Communication on the TI-84+Syrenchie
Well, that's pretty gosh-darn amazing.

- The machines always place a big nuclear bomb in the dead center of their bases. Just in case, you know, it needs to be destroyed.
6 Jun 2009, 20:36 GMT

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