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General Discussion Board \ Pending News \ TI-Nspire release OS v1.6

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TI-Nspire release OS v1.6john777
TICalc let us know a few days ago, but in case you missed that, TI has released the newest OS for the TI-Nspire and the CAS. Some of the new features are an automatic upgrade feature that will check to see if the calculator OS is up to date when it is connected to the computer software and a "deep Sleep" mode for better battery life. This is a good feature I have noticed that it does suck a lot of power even when it is off. There have been some new finance buttons added, a battery level indicator and some other small updates. It works pretty well so far.

Ti news and download page - Ticalc article
3 Jan 2009, 22:09 GMT

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Re: TI-Nspire release OS v1.6BrandonW
Yeah, I'm sure they changed more than they're going to admit to.

If anyone has installed this, can you tell me the version of the emulated 84+SE OS? I can't find my Nspire keypad to install it myself and find out. What I really need is a ROM dump, but the version number (ex. 2.46) would really help me out.
4 Jan 2009, 23:01 GMT

Re: TI-Nspire release OS v1.6john777
Mine says 2.46 still for the 84 emulator.
10 Jan 2009, 18:48 GMT

Re: TI-Nspire release OS v1.6darksideprogramming
Yay for editing news posts.
5 Jan 2009, 12:37 GMT

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