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General Discussion Board \ News \ Third-Party 84+ OS Receiver over USB

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Third-Party 84+ OS Receiver over USBallynfolksjr
Panic situation: You just bought a TI-84+, and really want to check out that awesome third-party PongOS for your calculator. There's only one problem, the little issue of requiring a graphlink (I/O) cable that are becoming increasingly rare to find.

The solution? Brandon Wilson has just released his most recent breakthrough, and it's called UnivOS. UnivOS is an OS receiver that uses the USB cable that came with your calculator, and allows the transmission of an unsigned third-party operating system.
11 May 2008, 19:27 GMT

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Re: Third-Party 84+ OS Receiver over USBBrandonW
This is also the first application released to use the direct USB link protocol.

Having an understanding of how this protocol works on the calculator means that we can duplicate everything that's done over the I/O link...remote control, remote program/app execution, sending/receiving variables of all types, multiplayer calc<->calc games, etc.
11 May 2008, 20:23 GMT

Re: Third-Party 84+ OS Receiver over USBBrandonW
On a little side note, I also uploaded a remote control program called remote8x at that supports both the I/O and direct USB links. This is the first calc<->calc direct USB program, and its routines are easy to extract and use in your own code, so USB games and whatnot are now practical, if they weren't already before.
20 May 2008, 08:20 GMT

Re: Third-Party 84+ OS Receiver over USBtifreak8x
This does look interesting.. Might be able to use something like this on my project for the link battling...

Bringing you Pokemon, for your calculator.
20 May 2008, 11:33 GMT

Re: Third-Party 84+ OS Receiver over USBjohn777
Does this mean that a linux operating system could be sent to the calculator.
11 May 2008, 20:59 GMT

Re: Third-Party 84+ OS Receiver over USBBrandonW
If you put it in an 8XU, sure.

But Linux on a z80 graphing calculator just isn't going to happen.
11 May 2008, 21:38 GMT

Re: Third-Party 84+ OS Receiver over USBDigital
I know you didn't, but never say never. Too bad interest has dropped off over the past several years.
14 May 2008, 22:31 GMT

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