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Gold Rush *Gold Edition

File Information
Name: Gold Rush *Gold Edition
Filesize: 1966 kB
Downloads: 2788
Date added: Apr 7, 2005
Platform: TI-83+/SE
Language: Other
File Type: Level
Category: Mario
Last modified: Apr 7, 2005
TI-83+/SE Levels
TI-84+/SE Levels

Shell: MirageOS/Ion
Rating: 10 (Best Download)/10 based on 2 votes.
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File Website:
Author(s): Jon Wong

File Description:  *Part of Alex Productions
use Mario V2.0, or game won't work

It's Mario! I've been stuffing these archives with my games like crazy, and well, this is just the best of the best. Even though I didn't write the original program itself, I made the levels with the MEDIT program. Very fun program. Anyways, these are very very difficult. Over 65 levels to play, and 6 worlds to explore. There is a bonus, Bowsers challenge, in it. keep battling bowser on different territory untill the last level, which is the hardest of course. Have fun! These levels go from Easy, to extremely difficult. Check out each of the Animations. They play through the entire first levels of each Mario level. Have fun, and please rate this game. Please rate this game. Write up a review. I want to know what you think about these mario levels that I spent a lot of time working on.

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