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Digital Waters Maps

File Information
Name: Digital Waters Maps
Filesize: 4 kB
Downloads: 953
Date added: Aug 24, 2002
Platform: 68k
Language: Other
File Type: Level
Category: Tankers
Last modified: Dec 10, 2002
68k Levels
TI-89 Levels
TI-92+ Levels
Voyage 200 Levels

Shell: None
Rating: 7.1 (Good)/10 based on 6 votes.
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File Website: There is no website dedicated to this title.
Author(s): Michael O'Brien

File Description:  Map Descriptions:
Blind-For this map you have to play the game with the mini map turned OFF. Since Barrett made the last version of the game, you can no longer drive past the ends of the map. This map is identical to Death Match but has no distinguished boarder.
Land and Lakes-This is the first map I ever made. I have changed it around a little bit do to some 'unfair' shooting points and added some bushes to blow up. It consists of a large land mass, two islands, and two lakes.
Symmetry-This map is entirely symmetrical. All you do is drive around on the brick paths across the water a through a central island.
Untitled-I cannot come up with a name for this map, therefore I will call it Untitled. I also have no decription for it either. Test it I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Water-This file is not a map. It is just a template if you want to make your own water based maps.
Water Ways-Recoil is the best PC tankers game. Under the munlti players map collections there is a map called Water Ways. I designed this map in remembrance of that game. This map is simmilar to Land and Lakes but there are 4 islands with one large body of water separateing them all.


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