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File Information
Filesize: 5.2 kB
Downloads: 2496
Date added: Aug 2, 2004
Platform: TI-83/+/SE
Language: Other
File Type: Level
Category: Mario
Last modified: Aug 2, 2004
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Shell: Mario83+ v2.0
Rating: 5.8 (Tolerable)/10 based on 6 votes.
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Author(s): Paul Moore

File Description:  A Super Mario 83+ 2.0 Level Set for the contest.

Readme file contents:

This set includes 5 normal levels and a boss level. Each level is significantly different. There are secrets and a “trick” to go about beating each level. Each level is very challenging unlike the majority of the other level sets. They are fun to play over because there are different ways to complete the levels.

Level 1- Enigma
This level includes a very complex background making it difficult to see what your doing. There are spikes that block your path at times. You must learn to gently press the jump button while passing through. Don’t get discourgaed. This is actually one of the harder levels at first.
Level 2- Cave
In this level you are in a cave as the level name implies. You must have good timing, judgement, and also learn how to squeeze through small cracks.
Level 3- Darkness
Most of the level is in the dark. The creatures here can get to you sometimes even when you think they can’t. Be extra careful.
Level 4- Coined Phase 1
You should get at least one extra life in this level. Make sure that you are the right size for the job.
Level 5- Space
This is probably the hardest level. You will die if you touch down or reach the top. Get used to pressing 2nd repeatedly throughout the level.
Level 6- Castle
This is the Boss Level. You will need a very good sense of timing in this level as well. Good luck and make sure you have a few lives left!

There are many secrets to be found in all of the levels and finding them will drastically improve your chances of completing the world. You will not finish on your first try. Each level is 44 columns long.

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