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File Information
Name: MarioBroLevels
Filesize: 16 kB
Downloads: 908
Date added: Jan 11, 2009
Platform: TI-83+/SE
Language: Other
File Type: Level
Category: Mario
Last modified: Jan 11, 2009
TI-83+/SE Levels
TI-84+/SE Levels

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Author(s): Raynor0123

File Description:  This File Contains 3 Mario Levels 1]Super Mario Bros. 2]SMB: A New Beginning 3]SMB: Legend There Are 15 Levels In Each Game, 98 Columns Long. Some Area Might Seem Like Original Mario On NES, But, There Are More Creative Levels. There Are 3 Themes In Each Game, With A Different Castle At Every 5th Level. You Want To Kill Boredom? And Take Challenge? Then Try This. P.S. My Friend, has been spending two years trying to beat this... Also All The Levels Are Possible, I SPECIFICALLY Test them from beginning. What Can I Say? I Love Mario Games. And Thank You, Sam.

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