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SUper Mario 68k Level editor

File Information
Name: SUper Mario 68k Level editor
Filesize: 764 kB
Downloads: 1056
Date added: Jun 23, 2008
Platform: 68k
Language: Assembly
File Type: Program
Category: Adventure
Last modified: Jun 23, 2008
68k Assembly Programs
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TI-92+ Assembly Programs
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Author(s): Lach Asderity

File Description:  This is the level editor for Super Mario 68K. It enables you to make your own levels and maps for Super Mario 68K. With this editor you will get access to nearly all features supported by the game, like enemies, bosses, wrapper pipes, power-ups, warp zone etc. It uses grayscale and has easy-to-use dialog boxes. There are also some built-in help messages to guide you on your way, and now it also has a dedicated help key to make it easier to use. Also, a tutorial is included to help you get started with the editing.

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