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Linux Top Hat

File Information
Name: Linux Top Hat
File: Linix
Filesize: 122 kB
Downloads: 2417
Date added: Apr 13, 2007
Platform: TI-83+/SE
Language: Flash
File Type: Shell
Last modified: Apr 13, 2007
TI-83+/SE Flash Shells
TI-84+/SE Flash Shells

Shell: None
Rating: 6 (Above Average)/10 based on 8 votes.
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File Website:
Author(s): 4ce_labs

File Description:  the Worlds FIRST open source Linux for the 83+/84+.

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Not even Linux
Of 3 people, 3 found this review helpful.
Review by: Taricorp Reviewed on: 1 June 2008, 19:38 GMT
Graphics/Interface: 2/10
Playability/Usability: 4/10
Replay Value/Reuse Value: 4/10
Controls/Interface: 3/10
Overall Value: 3/10
Really, the only way this is Linux is in the name. It's just a BasicBuilder app, and, IMHO, not a very good one at that.

The Good:
Uhm.. I guess it doesn't crash.

The Bad:
Riddled with spelling errors.
UI is just hideous, really.

A terrible excuse for a shell. Use something proven that actually is what is says.

Not impressed
Of 0 people, 0 found this review helpful.
Review by: killer 8000 Reviewed on: 19 October 2010, 02:41 GMT
Graphics/Interface: 5/10
Playability/Usability: 5/10
Replay Value/Reuse Value: 5/10
Controls/Interface: 5/10
Overall Value: 5/10
I did download this, and I did think that it was good. There are some problems that I did not like, but it does need alot of improvement. The idea was good, but alot has to be done to make it look and run well. The features that I had found in it were good, but it took forever to get to them, and it would freeze and make me reset the calc if you did not do something. It is not recommended to download, but I would use it if I had to.

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