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Chrono Fantasy Beta 1

File Information
Name: Chrono Fantasy Beta 1
Filesize: 380 kB
Downloads: 6986
Date added: Jul 17, 2002
Platform: TI-89
Language: Assembly
File Type: Game
Category: RPG
Last modified: Jul 18, 2002
TI-89 Assembly Games

Shell: PreOS / UniOS
Rating: 7.8 (Good)/10 based on 18 votes.
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File Website:
Author(s): Time To Team

File Description:  Awesome is all you can say after trying this game. Although it's only a Beta, it gives you a great example of what 68k is really capable of. It's really unbelievable how T3 was able to make such a complicated game running at an amazing speed. So, CF is something to get. I'm sure many will hope to get their hands on a finished CF after playing this Beta. Great achievement T3!
This is what T# says about their Chrono Fantasy:
"This game is our personnal mix between two famous games on Snes 'Chrono Trigger' and 'Final Fantasy 6'. They are both created by Squaresoft, which is very famous for its RPG. In fact, it will be the sequel of this two games. We want to create a sequel since Square has never realised a real sequel for its games."
Be sure to visit their web site to get more info about CF.

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Of 2 people, 2 found this review helpful.
Review by: spiral Reviewed on: October 11, 2002 at 02:00:28 PM
Graphics/Interface: 10/10 The Graphics of this game are pretty much unparralled (x-cept maybe by SMA) and the size of the game does reflect it. This Game has transparency, multi-level scrolling, and the game engine can even h
Playability/Usability: 8/10 The menus are fairly easy to use, and the battle is pretty self- explainitory (break is the exception and some of the menu stuff doesn't seem to work) The battle system is interesting, a time based sy
Replay Value/Reuse Value: 7/10 The 7 score is mostly because it is only a beta. The game play is still fairly long though and finding all the characters is difficult.
Controls/Interface: 8/10 menus were easy to use, and pretty itneresting, swiveling around, nifty.
Overall Value: 9/10 Now I just have to wait for the Beta...
Excellent game, I hope the real game has more clues telling you where to go though, because to beat this game without help would require hours of waiting for the day to change (yes you go from morning, to evening, and night, and the areas change during different tiems of day, mostly in contrast level and peopel present) And you can sell items that are important, and can't buy them back (i think you can go back to where you found them and pick them up again, not sure, not a thing to try before saving). The saving system is excellent, as many as save files as you have space for. It is a kernel game, but Preos and CF are made by the same person, so their compatibility is very good.

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