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Pixel Man Demo 3

File Information
Name: Pixel Man Demo 3
Filesize: 659 kB
Downloads: 1016
Date added: Mar 5, 2006
Platform: Windows
Language: Other
File Type: Project
Last modified: Mar 5, 2006
Windows Projects

Shell: N/A
Rating: 9.5 (Best Download)/10 based on 2 votes.
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Author(s): Jc

File Description:  Pixel Man Demo 3 radically changes the way the game feels. Pixel Man has been given a new engine, new skills, and new (and easier) levels. There are only 3 levels in this demo, but I'm sure you'll agree that the changes have been a good thing. This file is not meant to replace the earlier demo simply so they can be compared.

Basically, Pixel Man is a poor little pixelized creature that is pursued by Bob. Help him by guiding him to the flag at the end of each level.

PLEASE read the readme! It was written for a reason!

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