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Windows Adventure Games


Download Grand Theft BobGame6 (Minus "Grand Theft") (1970 kB)
  Rating: 7.8/10 (22 votes)
  Downloads: 1293
  Platform: win
  Type: Game
  Category: Adventure
Bob is back and... well, he's still very stupid. This time, however, he is infiltrating the evil Lord Mathias' jungle base, and will have to use all of his skills to survive. This sequel to the critically acclaimed BobGame 5 features 10 levels of challenge and excitement as Bob must progress through many different styles of gameplay, including platforming and BobGame5-style gameplay. You also blast through huge bosses using the now-legendary Taser Laser, as well as a laser-gun and even a lightsaber! And, of course, the difficulty is cranked way up, so expect to be playing this for a while!

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