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Jc's Weird Crap

 I kinda came back.
I'm leaving again tomorrow to go on a short vacation... but I figured since CG actually updates from time to time, I figured I'd make my not-so-triumphant return to the community scene after that.

All of my old posts are labeled "JcCorp." You have no idea just how much I wanted to change that name.

I hope I learned some stuff since the last time that I was here, and that I'll be more mature and a better forum-goer and what-not. Now that I have some actual programming (C++, java, and Scheme, but scheme doesn't count) under my belt, I feel quite a bit smarter. Woot!
0 comments12 July 2007, 05:44 GMT

Master Jc
Master Jc

Gender: Male
Born: 13-October-1988
Contact: Timetraveler Jc

About Master Jc:
     Hey. I'm Jc/Joe C. I'm a writer, programmer, vocalist (I have a surprisingly low voice when I want to), bassist (not really,) and overall creative person. I've made crappy calculator games that probably have only been hits for being original or well-organized, since they really don't use any decent programming skills. Try my lackluster PC games instead.

I attend WPI, a technical college in Worcester, Mass. It's totally awesome.

Calc Haven is my website. It's a really cool board with all sorts of junk on it, not just calculator stuff. It's kinda dying out, but there's really no point to having it anymore, anyways.
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