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Guess So!

File Information
Name: Guess So!
Filesize: 7.8 kB
Downloads: 633
Date added: Aug 27, 2004
Platform: TI-83+/SE
Language: Basic
File Type: Game
Category: Guessing
Last modified: Aug 27, 2004
TI-83+/SE BASIC Games
TI-84+/SE BASIC Games

Shell: None
Rating: 5.4 (Tolerable)/10 based on 5 votes.
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File Website: There is no website dedicated to this title.
Author(s): Andy Kay

File Description:  This is, by far, the most incredible random-number guessing game for the 83+. If you don't think such a thing is possible, read on! First off, there are six number ranges to guess from: 1-10, 1-100, 1-1000, 1-10000, 1-100000, and 1-1 million. And if that's nothing, there are five play modes: 1 Player, where you guess the number yourself, 2 Player, where two people compete to guess the number, AI:Easy, where the calculator will compete with you, AI:Hard, where the calculator will use clues from your guess to make a better one, and AI:Moderate, a difficulty in-between. That's a total of 30 different ways to play! In addition, it tells you how many guesses you had in the 1-P Modes, and has high scores, which you can also reset. The file size is less than 4k, and this game is compatible with MirageOS.

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Overall good game
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Review by: jet1891 Reviewed on: October 21, 2005 at 23:53:59 PM
Graphics/Interface: 6/10 great for what it is
Playability/Usability: 9/10 easy to manuver thru the menus
Replay Value/Reuse Value: 9/10 gets addicting after a while
Controls/Interface: 9/10
Overall Value: 8/10
This is a very good game worthy of me to say something. It is like may other guessing games aside from it has a cool highscores list and the menus are very easy to follow. The game play really gets sort addicting. So i dunno what everyone else thinks but i think this is a good game.

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