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TI-85 Programs
Assembly | BASIC


Download Orzunoid on-calc editor (6 kB)
  Rating: 6/10 (1 votes)
  Downloads: 381
  Platform: 85
  Language:  Assembly
  Type: Program
  Category: Level Editor
Edit Orzunoid levels on your TI-85!


Download Palindrome! (1 kB)
  Rating: 10/10 (1 votes)
  Downloads: 203
  Platform: 85
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Program
  Category: Math
This program takes the number you input and finds its "Palindrome". A "Palindrome", in this program, is a number that can be read from left to right and from right to left the same way. Its a number which is mirrored, ie: "12321". Don't enter "196" with this program on any calculator as not even the worlds fastest computers can find the palindrome for it.

Download Physics Solver v1.2 (128 kB)
  Rating: 0/10 (0 votes)
  Downloads: 212
  Platform: 85
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Program
  Category: Science
Imagine being able to not have to pay attention in your Physics class ever again!! This program will let you solve 140 physics equations for **ANY VARIABLE** within each equation. Not only can you solve for whatever you want, but this program is easier to use than than the calculator's own Operating System. It also features the ability to only load certain subject on your calculator when you need them since they are divided up by subjects (24 programs total,) this will save you a lot of space! Finally if you and/or your friends struggle in Physics you need to get these programs, they exist for nearly every programmable TI Graping calculator, so check em out and start getting better grades today!

Download PreCalculus Programs (42.9 kB)
  Rating: 8/10 (1 votes)
  Downloads: 887
  Platform: 85
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Program
  Category: Uncategorized
Some precalculus programs. For the 82-92 Plus. The seperate zips are in the one uploaded, plus there is a text file with description that can be used on all of the zip files.

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