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TI-84+/SE Directory

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TI-84+/SE BASIC Shoot 'em Up Games
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Download Contra 83 (24.4 kB)
  Rating: 7.4/10 (15 votes)
  Downloads: 6406
  Platform: 83p
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Game
  Category: Shoot 'em Up
Contra 83 is one of the biggest achievements in pure BASIC. It is a remake of the classic NES game Contra, and is the most advanced BASIC platform game to date. The game has so many features including: 6 creative levels, 3 enemy types, weapon upgrades, 3 difficulty settings, a top 9 high score system (with antihack protection), advanced scoring, a boss at the end of each level that grows in size and strength, very fast game play, advanced terrain including landmines and water, and of course saving/loading (The game will also include a level editor once it is finished). Contra 83 is the true meaning of BASIC. It does not use 1 ASM utility, just strictly good old home fashioned BASIC. The game uses one of the most advanced engines ever using complex numbers and equations to generate unreal looking terrain, and an AI program that will not slow even if 1000 enemies were on a screen.

Download Star Dust v1.2 (62 kB)
  Rating: 6.1/10 (14 votes)
  Downloads: 11042
  Platform: 83p
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Game
  Category: Shoot 'em Up
A HUGE game for the TI-83, this contains 4 episodes of battle and a full length movie. In the game, you try to destroy your opponent's ship, using your weapons (upgradable) and shield (upgradable) to defend yourself.

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